Friday, October 29, 2010

Another Smooth Ubuntu Upgrade

Just upgraded my desktop Maverick Meerkat 10.10 which is a tad more complicated than my laptop because it runs apache2 to serve web pages (including 2 trac instances) and weewx to log weather information from my weather station. Thankfully, the upgrade went smoothly. When prompted for what to do with my existing apache2 config, I made a backup copy, then asked to have it overwritten. When the upgrade was complete, I uncommented the server root and copied over the trac configuration sections. After restart, everything worked as before.

The only two minor hiccups were the font (didn't look as good on the desktop as it did on the laptop) and the version of Chrome. It downgraded my chrome from 7 to 6. 'course, both of those (extremely minor) issues were easy to fix.

Update (10/30/10): I realized the difference in fonts. It was technically the same font (Ubuntu), but different rendering. It chose "Best shapes" on my desktop which resulted in a very skinny font. Whereas on my laptop, it chose "Subpixel smoothing". The subpixel smoothing resulted in a much thicker font. So much so that it looked like a different font!

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