Thursday, March 10, 2011

Google Chrome 10: Flash Out of Date

If you're like me and just upgraded to Google Chrome 10 (10.0.648.127), you may find that you get Flash is "Out of Date" error messages. IIUC, Chrome 9 used it's own build-in flash player, but Chrome 10 has switched back to using the Adobe one. Also IIUC, Chrome 10 expects Flash 10 and will complain if the available flash is 9 or older. At first, I thought I was out-of-luck since this Adobe TechNote says that Chrome's flash is built-in, but I found that after uninstalling (Adobe) flash, not even the "Run this time" option would work. So, I tried reinstalling Adobe flash. It grabbed version 10 of Adobe flash, and, Poof! Flash was working again without the warning message. This even though I'm on Debian oldstable (5.0 aka lenny). So, if you run into this issue, I'd recommend installing Adobe flash 10. It appears that on Debian-like distributions (e.g. Ubuntu), this is as easy as:

$ sudo apt-get remove libflashplugin-nonfree
$ sudo apt-get install libflashplugin-nonfree

Update (3/24/11): Users on the Google Help Forum have suggested checking chrome://plugins to see if Chrome is using the Firefox's outdated plugin (/home/username/.mozilla/plugins/). If so, try deleting the outdated plugin and restarting Chrome.

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  1. Removing the offending plugin worked.